Sushi Connection

Phone: 9960 7033

Shop 5A Ground Floor

If you love Sushi then you can’t go past Sushi Connection at Bridgepoint. Sushi Connection is your one stop shop for fresh Sushi. There you'll find a huge selection of original styled sushi that is cooked and made in house. Sushi Connection caters for all lovers of raw fish such as salmon and tuna, as well as cooked varieties including crab, beef and several varieties of chicken, calamari or prawn as well as a large selection of vegetable rolls.

These are complemented by an assortment of boxes including tofu pockets, mixed baby boxes, assorted lunch boxes and classic sashimi. Sushi is great for the kids too. More and more children are enjoying the taste of sushi and the special lunch boxes make a great change from the traditional school sandwich. Need a corporate platter? Catered event? Let Sushi Connection provide you with platters for your office lunches, meetings, parties etc. With the evergrowing need to create a better and healthier lifestyle people are turning towards more nutritionally balanced foods and Sushi seems to becoming a popular choice in this regard.

Everyone has there favourite Sushi selection but have you ever stopped to think where this popular Japanese form of fast food came from? Sushi strangely enough has its origins in China during the seventh century, before the Chinese and Japanese cultures and foods blended. Originally fish was preserved in layers of salt for weeks and months at a time, however the discovery that rice soaked in vinegar cut down the preserving time to days instead of weeks or months without diminishing the preservation of the raw materials led to what we recognise as sushi today. During a time of severe drought and food shortages people started to eat the rice that they used to preserve the fish, thus sushi got its start.

Sushi is low in fat and loaded with nutrients. A single serving (approximately eight to ten pieces) has on average 350 to 400 calories. It is high in protein, and a good source of the Omega 3 fatty acid. The rice and seaweed that are served in the pieces are also helpful in that they provide complex carbohydrates and iodine for the body. Did you know that Sushi is finger food and should normally be eaten with your fingers.

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