World of Health

Phone: 9969 3920

Shop 8 Ground Floor

The World of Health Store is more than just a place to purchase health foods it has been designed to be of service to the community by providing advice and guidance in nutrition and natural health – accurate, up-to-date and scientific information on all aspects of vitamins, supplements, food, diet, and wellbeing for both the mind and body.

World of Health is a source of information and a place where one can be relaxed and know that excellent and friendly service is provided by well trained staff who are available to answer any questions.

The store also has a clinic that practices clinical and ayurvedic nutrition. The clinic provides bio-energetic health assessments using an acupoint testing instrument, Dark-field microscopic examination of blood, iris, pulse and palm analysis. The store also teaches Reiki and meditation for enhancement of health and wellbeing. The focus is on helping people with cancer with nutritional advice in conjunction with their medical practitioners as well as teaching meditation/mind-body health enhancement methods to patients’ families.

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