Bakers Delight

Phone: 9969 7241
Shop 5 Ground Floor

At Bakers Delight your daily breads are baked fresh every day for you to enjoy and at Bridgepoint we create a range of traditional and gourmet breads using real ingredients, real bakers and real ovens. We don't use frozen dough or premixes and what's baked that day is sold that day.

At Bakers Delight we support a healthy lifestyle through a range of products catering for the trend towards healthy living. Eating a variety of foods every day, including breads, cereals and other grain based foods, is vital for optimal health and wellbeing. In fact, grain based foods such as bread, are one of the body’s main sources of carbohydrates, iron and B vitamins, all essential for maintaining energy levels, concentration and alertness throughout the day. Breads made with wholegrains and those that include seeds, nuts or dried fruits, such as many of the breads found at Bakers Delight, provide additional nutritional benefits due to the many different vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants they contain.

At Bakers Delight you'll not only find an extensive selection of breads: white, grain, artisan and savoury but we also have a large selection of sweet breads from berry scrolls, almond and custard scrolls to authentic sourdough fruit rolls and iced fruit buns. We also sell a mouth watering range of pastries including croissants, traditional and chocolate as well as Danish squares, ham and cheese, spinach and feta, custard and apricot plus fruit and mince tarts.

Your local Bridgepoint Bakers Delight store is also available to help you with any catering needs you might have. For all your fresh bread needs you can’t go past Bakers Delight.

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