Connect Hearing

Phone: 9960 4099
Shop 20 Level 1

Our aim is to serve the hearing needs of people all across Australia and make a positive difference in peoples lives – wherever they might be. Whether you are at home or on the road, you will always have access to our hearing health care professionals - Despite one in six Australians suffering from permanent hearing loss most people would be surprised to know just how big a problem hearing loss is becoming in Australia. Along with heart disease and diabetes, hearing loss is now one of our top three health concerns. The good news is Connect Hearing is able to assess and find hearing solutions in a simple 30 minute hearing check up at our Bridgepoint Shopping Centre Store.

“Just as the optical industry has already done, hearing healthcare is moving away from the traditional ‘clinical’ approach which saw testing and treatment happen behind closed doors. Connect Hearing is already well down this path, an extremely customer orientated experience that concentrates on making its clients feel informed and comfortable,” Connect Hearing Clinician Kjersti Horten said.

Today’s hearing aids are discrete and comfortable with no whistling or feedback. New technology means that hearing devices are much smaller than they used to be and the latest models even incorporate wireless technology so the user can enjoy the benefits of modern technology like portable music, mobile phones and computers in a comfortable discrete package. “If you have concerns about your hearing, then come and see us at Connect Hearing. There’s no need for a referral from your GP and the test will only take 30 minutes.”

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